Raleigh House – Brixton Hill

Christopher Chryssell Hall

– name appears on documents from 1886 – here and here

At the auction of Stockwell Manor in 1802, Christopher Chryssell Hall a merchant of the Borough of Southwark purchased 7 plots to the west of Brixton Hill (plots 83-89 inclusive on this map – which shows Rush Common along its bottom edge. Blenheim Gardens is on plot 84 and Brixton prison on 85 In the south Stockwell Manor was bounded by the present Brixton Road and Brixton Hill on the east and Bedford and Lyham Roads on the west.

Chryssell Hall used the site of Brixton prison as a source of brick earth until he sold it in 1819.

He also bought land to the east of Brixton Hill including Raleigh House where he died in 1821.

George Balls

George Balls 1850 – 1922
Louisa Sophia (1856-1923) wife
Stanley George Balls 1882-? Son

1871 George Balls is a veterinary surgeon living in Avenue House, Brixton Rise

George Balls

The Goodwin Family
From around 1859 until at least 1940, the Goodwin family was centred around Archbishop’s Place, Brixton, Lambeth.

The 1861 census has the ollowing Goodwins:

Elizabeth Goodwin Lodger 37 1824 F Battersea~~Surrey~~England
Charles Goodwin Lodger Son 15 1846 M Vauxhall~~Surrey~~England
Emily Goodwin Lodger Daughter 13 1848 F Brixton~~Surrey~~England
Henry Goodwin Lodger Son 11 1850 M Brixton~~Surrey~~England
Edward Goodwin Lodger Son 5 1856 M Kennington~~Surrey~~England

Charles Edward Goodwin